Summer collection 2023


Our Summer Collection is one for the books (no pun intended )
We curated this collection to bring in the fresh, cool, crisp vibes of Summer… and we couldn’t be more excited to get it to your door!! 
All items pictured are included 

 Faux water plant and vase… the vase measures 10.5 inches tall x 8 inches wide, with the tallest leaf reaching 30 inches tall… yes it’s big, and we  it!!

 Set of 3 faux designer books, with secret storage.. measure 10.5x7x2 inches each book.

 Cast iron Jack piece (he is so darn perfect)

 Seagrass rug… measures 30x16 inches… and is perfect indoor or outdoors for the perfect touch of texture!


 IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  You can cancel your subscription at any time. Once you place an order for the subscription box you are automatically subscribed and given an account. You have full access to skip or cancel your box from this account. Boxes can not be customized. If you do not like an item in your box, please re-gift it. We do not accept returns on the boxes.You have 30 days from when your box was delivered  to report damaged items for a refund or replacement.  Please contact us with any questions!


(dates are subject to change depending on product shipping)

Season Billing Shipping


February 25 First Half of March
March 1 End of March


May 25 First Half of June
June 1 End of June


August 25 First Half of September
September 1 End of September


November 25 December 10
November 30 December 25

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