Seasonal (Holiday ) Subscription Box


Introducing our captivating 2023 Halloween Decor Box, designed to immerse your space in a world of enchanting spookiness and eerie charm. Unveil the mysteries of the season with a perfect blend of traditional and modern elements that will bewitch both young and old alike.

At the heart of this bewitching ensemble is an 8x10 hinged frame, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of Halloween's iconic characters. The witch, with her pointed hat and mystical aura, stands side by side with a grinning skeleton, evoking an air of eerie camaraderie. This beautifully detailed portrayal brings the spirit of the season to life and offers a perfect centerpiece for your Halloween display.

The 7.5x7.5x5 metal spider in mysterious black adds a touch of intrigue to the setting. Its meticulously sculpted form, with delicate yet sturdy legs, promises to cast an enchanting spell on any onlooker. This remarkable piece strikes a balance between spookiness and sophistication, making it a unique addition to your Halloween collection.

As the nights grow longer and shadows deepen, the 24"L x 26"H Frightful Wreath takes center stage. A mesmerizing dance of metal bats flits and hovers within the curve of a geometric metal crescent moon. Each bat, meticulously designed and positioned, captures the essence of nocturnal flights and evokes a sense of graceful movement frozen in time. The golden hue of the crescent moon contrasts strikingly with the darkness of the bats, creating a captivating visual spectacle that embodies the very spirit of Halloween.

The Frightful Wreath is crowned with a loop that allows for easy hanging on walls or doors, instantly transforming any space into a portal to the mysterious realm of Halloween. Whether it's the entryway to your haunted abode or an interior wall seeking a touch of eerie elegance, this piece promises to cast an irresistible spell on all who behold it.

Embrace the spirit of Halloween with our 2023 Decor Box, where the witch, skeleton, spider, and bats converge to weave an enchanting tapestry of spookiness and style. Elevate your seasonal décor with these carefully curated pieces that celebrate the magic and mystery of this beloved holiday.





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